Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dick Zimmerman's "Thriller" Experience

Michael needed to personally meet both candidates before deciding who he wanted to work with on the album package deal. I do know now after having worked a substantial period of time with Michael on other projects since, that he needed somebody that was on the high of his occupation, wasn't egotistical, was trustworthy and artistic. But most significantly someone who would treat him with delicacy and consideration, who wasn't threatening or offending.

My first impression of Michael as he slowly and thoroughly moved by way of the studio doors the place our meeting would take place was that he was taller and thinner than I had anticipated. His hand shake was very delicate with hardly a squeeze, and I used to be very conscious to return the identical.

As we talked, Michael would ask me questions in his whispered voice about my likes and dislikes. I may inform from the best way he poised his questions, that in a sly way, I was being highly scrutinized. That's once I first realized how necessary it was to Michael to work with the exact form of individual that may make him feel comfortable. Our assembly lasted about twenty minutes and we parted with a cordial good-bye.

The Call Back

Three days later I obtained a phone name from CBS Information saying that section one was over and now Michael wanted to come to see my studio and have a look at my photographs. My studio entrance has a loud buzzer, however as a substitute there was a very mild knock on the door. Relatively than have my secretary reply the door, I needed to answer it myself. I wanted Michael to know that I was real and approachable and also needed to avoid something that may have had the potential of creating an uncomfortable situation for Michael. Evidently I passed the check as I obtained confirmation two days later from CBS that Michael had selected me to do the honors, and the album shoot was scheduled to take place in two weeks.

My price from CBS was to be $4,000.00 - which was very good back then (and just about top greenback for an album cowl). During the subsequent two weeks I had various meetings with the inventive heads from CBS and Freddie Demand, Michael's Supervisor at the moment. The purpose was to create a visible route for the album that everyone agreed on.

Shoot Day

The day of the shoot arrived, I had hired the most effective fashion stylists in LA to assemble a big variety of wardrobe, and we started the arduous process of selecting apparel for the quilt and inside spread. After about an hour of weeding via the garments, Michael could not discover something he was crazy about. I started to panic for a second, then I observed Michael trying on the white suit I used to be wearing. He requested if we had something like it. We didn't, so I requested him if he wish to put on mine. Contemplating his selections, this was precisely what he wished. Luckily for the shoot and the time involved, the suit fit.

We had determined prior to the shoot that Michael would have a tiger cub within the pictures so we had a range for him to choose from. He loved a six week previous cub but was very squeamish about letting it get to shut to his face because of potential scratches from its claws. All through the shoot I had to get Michael to overlook about the possibility of getting scratched, and to focus his attention on me and the camera.

Throughout breaks Michael would stand in front of a full size mirror and follow continual spins, the legendary ones that are actually so familiar to us all. He would come alive in entrance of that mirror. It was fascinating, as a result of he had such a shy and subdued method throughout the photograph session. For lunch he ordered a particular meal introduced in from a vegetarian restaurant...the ----- on third Avenue, which is his favourite on the town. In fact, a few months later he would rent that chef as his personal cook, and to today.

The shoot lasted about 6 hours with no specific issues out of the odd. At the days end, we said goodbye, and arranged to fulfill in a number of days to go over the outcomes. About 4 days later the photos have been ready and we met at Michael's recording studio on Beverly Boulev

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