Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Astonishing Revelations of Bashar - Part 2

Probable futures, parallel realities, time-journey, and the real purpose for the abductions (temporary detainments) by "alien grays" are explained clearly by Bashar's unprecedented insight and understanding on these topics. The existence of Atlantis and how it ended can be confirmed by not less than three entirely unrelated sources: Leslie Flint direct voice mediumship, a scientific article by Steven M. Stanley, and Bashar himself.

To be able to have a greater understanding of the place Bashar really is coming from, it is necessary to grow to be conversant in the concept of two vital aspects of nature that stretch past the realms of 1's typical understanding of life: 1) The existence of dimensions larger than the fourth dimension of time, particularly these dimensions of life that include all of the parallel universes of actuality; and a pair of) The existence of higher vibrational realities of the afterlife or astral planes which includes all of the "spheres" or worlds of dark matter and beyond.

The primary side implies there are numerous time lines (or completely different "histories") past this one; in different phrases, there could be an infinite number of parallel universes or distinctive histories or events concurrently parallel to our own historical past or series of occasions. I've written at size relating to these parallel and other even larger dimensions (of residing) here and the way one's mental outlook can dramatically effect what sort of experiences or probable future or parallel universe one might be drawn towards. Bashar's mechanism of "soul physics" is finest understood by the way in which the thoughts we entertain in our minds and hearts mirror what sort of probable future or parallel actuality we eventually find ourselves in, because thought is by its very nature, a five-dimensional product or aspect of nature. What sort of area incorporates all the parallel universes? A 5-dimensional area! Bashar in this method has not only confirmed all that I've previously written throughout my web site in past years on this subject, but vastly enhances it virtually as if Bashar himself had been "channeling" by me lengthy before I ever even heard of him! In an analogous method, all of the recordings of the souls who spoke by means of the vitality and ectoplasmic voice box of the now late British medium Leslie Flint appear to additionally strongly affirm all that I've written about on this website lengthy before ever knowing anything about Leslie Flint.

The other facet of nature implies that matter exists on many ranges and styles of vibration, some grosser and others subtler. I have written at size concerning all these a number of greater realities, spheres, or worlds right here. Simply the concept matter can exist on greater or different rates or patterns of vibration may help explain all types of phenomena starting from darkish matter, dark energy, UFO's, close to-death experiences, reincarnation, and ghosts. I'm implying here that your complete universe has multiple layers of expertise-gradation-consciousness-vibration to it with the bodily most definitely at or close to the lower a part of this great spectrum of actuality and naturally all the heavenly universes, realms, worlds, spheres, planets, etc., at or close to the highest. It seems that entry to the upper vibrations of consciousness also brings entry to the higher dimensions of actuality and these two very distinctly totally different points of nature sadly and very often get confused with one another when laymen and even mystics, yogis, psychics, and so on., attempt to describe them. The deeper the state of unconditional love, the upper the rate of vibration of consciousness, the higher the access to actual increased geometric dimensions so that one can journey backwards and forwards through time and see wonderful locations and events never earlier than seen by the physical eyes.

Bashar says we're popping out of immense darkness into the light. Start of a kid is similar thought as beginning of a whole god(dess), universe, etc. Bashar's civilization is transferring from physicality to non-physicality. A soul want now not undergo the birthing course of to "pop in" on

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